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Oct 31st to Dec 1st  -
UK and Europe Tour

THE RITA will be touring with RUSALKA & MK9 November 13-17

Locations will be updated as soon as they are confirmed.

Looking for contacts in Germany to fill in November 8th.
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31   Birmingham, UK @ Wagon & Horses - Event page

01   Nottingham, UK @ Stuck on a Name Studios
02   Gateshead (Newcastle), UK @ The Old Police House
03   Leeds, UK @ Wharf Chambers
06   Brussels, Belgium @ Cafe Central
08   Germany Open
09   Cologne, Germany @ Halle am Rhein
10   Copenhagen, Denmark @ Mayhem

13   Berlin, Germany @ Ausland - Event page
14   Zurich, Switzerland (TBA) in process
15   Bologna, Italy @ Freakout Club - Event Page
16   Bescia, Italy (TBA) in process
17   Belluno, Italy (TBA) in process

19   Slovenia (TBA) in process
20   Slovenia (TBA) in process
21   Bratislava, Slovakia (TBA)
22   Ostrava, Czechia  @ Antikvariát a klub Fiducia
23   Prague, Czechia (TBA) in process
24   Dresden, Germany @ Club|debil
26   Bytom, Poland @ Wolne Tory TSA
27   Lodz, Poland @ Club DOM
28   Warsaw, Poland @ Pogłos
29   Sundsvall, Sweden @ Galleri Granen
30   Oulu, Finland @ Tukikohta


01   Helsinki, Finland @ Hard Rock House


Kate Rissiek is an artist based in Vancouver, Canada who has performed under the name Rusalka since 2007.
Employing theremin and other electronics, Rusalka achieves visceral and, at times, abrasive sounds in her
exploration of subconscious states and the dark recesses of human nature.  A struggle between filth and
transcendence occurs which stirs together crude electronics and an ethereal electromagnetic grasp for emergence.
Her recent work often features subtle, yet profound, shifts in mood, timbre, and focus demonstrating a fervent
refusal to clearly delineate between introspection and observation.


"With his flagship project, THE RITA, Sam McKinlay has, for over two decades, explored and distilled into sound
various permutations of fetish and vice. He is recognized as the creator of the harsh noise wall,
but that sound — massive and rich textural layers of relentless, monolithic fields of distortion — was nothing new,
in and of itself. It was McKinlay's conceptual intent and the singular intensity of his focus that established it as
something novel and profound. One recognizes in McKinlay's unwavering approach to his body of work the
obsessiveness of the fetishist. McKinlay's compulsive reverence for noise — for the unyielding, deliberate weight
of wall noise — is a fetish of sound. There is an aesthetic rigor often associated with the fetishization of form or
object. Seen through the eyes of the most focused and obsessed, fixations often manifest in a manner that is
highly refined, sculpted, concentrated, and even artistic. The line distinguishing the artist from the fetishist is
always blurry and often non-existent.

Though his musical approach has remained more or less consistent, the subject matter inspiring McKinlay's work
has periodically shifted through the years, mapping out the constellation of non-musical obsessions that occupy
his mind: sharks, drag racing, Giallo cinema, skateboarding, and snorkeling, to name just a few. Frequently,
McKinlay utilizes field recordings and other sounds sourced from the objects of interest before encrypting them in
an opaque shell of noise. Listening to McKinlay's recordings, it's often difficult to determine whether one actually
hears the sounds of the source material or if the power of suggestion is so strong in McKinlay's presentation that
the listener extracts phantom sounds from the chaotic rumble.

Harsh Noise Wall is arguably the terminal point of music itself, beyond which it's impossible to achieve
greater or more effective minimalism and abstraction. It is a pure, visceral sound, untethered from
intellectual and emotional composition."


- MK9 -
A sound and visual therapy project by Michael Nine that began in the latter half of 2001.
Preceding the end of the controversial and confrontational performances as the renowned project Death Squad.
Originally from San Francisco, California he now resides in Vancouver, Canada. 
This ongoing project seeks to understand the irrational nature, behavior and motivation of the human species.
Performances include pre-constructed sound, video and live frequencies. Video, voice, sound and handouts
will be offered. Attempting to continually offer insights and investigate society on this planet.

At times our evolution seems to be at a standstill and becomes a counterproductive mire of redundancy
and backwards progress. Each of us tends to experience existence from a very small isolated window
that we look from into a much larger perceived reality.