Autumn Tour With Rusalka

Rusalka & MK9 Milwaukee 2019Rusalka & MK9 Chicago 2019
Dayton Ohio 2019Rusalka - MK9 2019
rusalka and mk9 @ collisionNyack 2019    Rusalka and MK9 - Red Light Disctrict, Queens NY

11.2     Milwaukee, WI @ Jazz Gallery Center For The Arts
            Rusalka workshop @ 4:00 pm show at 7:30 pm   with Climax Denial, Pleasure Thief and Citizen 2-13
11.3     Chicago, IL @ Ziploc   with H.O. 957 Years and Slit Throats
11.4     Dayton, OH @ Skeleton Dust Records   with Rosebud and Heat Signature
11.5     Columbus, OH @ Dirty Dungarees   with Dissilient, Vanishing Cities, Princsex and Fatal Gaze
11.6     Cleveland, OH @ Yellow   with Murderous Vision, Skin Graft and Noah Depew
11.7     Pittsburgh, PA @ Collision   with Empathic Window, Niku Darum, Deterge, Black Leather Jesus
11.8     Nyack, NY @ Maura's Kitchen   with Ormus, Hypertrophy and DJ Le Bourreau
11.9     Queens, NY @ Red Light District
  with Yellow Tears and Scant

mk9 contaminants

MK9 - Contaminants (C20) Available on 2019 tour
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Inlfuencing Machine Records and Terminal Present
THE HATERS FORTI FEST (40th Anniversary)
The Haters / Chop Shop / AMK / Damion Romero / MK9
Scott Arford / Cruor Incendia + DJ Joe Colley
@ Terminal - Oakland, California - August 17, 2019

In honor of the 20th Year Anniversary of the Intent Performance by Death Squad.
The video has been posted online.
Also inlcuded is a retrospective essay.
A few months later another performance ticked an anniversary as well.
Almost Dead In Chicago. That video is online along with the photos
that were taken in the day prior to the incident.

2018 Tour Archive Page And Video / Photo Gallery

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