Coming Soon in 2020
Spastik Soniks Death Squad Split Tape Reissues. With Xome, En Nihil, Cock E.S.P and K.C.I.D.
Plus Off World Kick Death Squad - Arc Light (Pre Trucido and Death Squad)

12.18.19 Rusalka / MK9 - Live sets / interviews on
KPFA 94.1 - The No Other Radio Network - Berkeley, California. Archive on mixcloud

11.22.19 At The Toast Collective, Vancouver BC
Whip of the UFO AFB Album Release with Exeunt / Rusalka / MK9
- Pictures here

10.21.19  KPFA Berkeley - The No Other Radio Network
Interview and music: Michael Nine and Influencing Machine Records. Show archive on MixCloud

2019 Autumn Tour Page With Rusalka
also a Photo / Video Gallery

2018 RUSALKA / THE RITA / MK9 - Europe Tour Archive Page And Photo / Video Gallery


In honor of the 20th Year Anniversary of the Intent Performance by Death Squad.
The video has been posted online. Also inlcuded is a retrospective essay.
A few months later another performance ticked an anniversary as well.
Almost Dead In Chicago. That video is online along with the photos
that were taken the day prior to the incident.

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Whip Of The UFO - AFB (cdr)
Vilgoć - V4DA (cdr)
Absence Of Meaning - three inch cdr (new)
Loss As Loss - three inch cdr 2nd edition on Neural Operations (last copies)
MK9 - Contaminants (C20) new tape from Absurd Exposition
Last MK9 shirts left (1-S and 2-XL)

FUCK TV - 3 Disc DVD Set with 8 page booklet
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Fuck TV

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The Pain Factory 4 DVD Set

The Pain Factory DVD Set