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     Six years have passed since this DVD set was first released by myself and Influencing Machine Records.
     We ran out of copies quickly. The series first aired in 1995, almost a thirty-year anniversary.
     I thought that another run would be a good way to commemorate this.
     So here it is, exactly as the original, with a new cover.

     This release features 16 page full-color booklet with original flyers and artwork
     and liner notes by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, Scott Arford, J. Campbell, Jeff Gunn and Michael Contreras.
     It contains approximately 13 hours of footage, including nearly every performance
     and video submission broadcast as part of The Pain Factory series:

     Live Performances:
     Killer Bug   Crawl Unit   Seethe   Flat Tire   Fin   Nihil   Spastic Colon   The Haters
     Big City Orchestra   Radiosonde   Not Breathing   Dr. Crystal Mess   YAU   Anal Sadist
     Stimbox   Hungry Ghost   Sirvix   Loaded   Chris Cobb & Yael Bartana
     Moe! Staiano   UBZUB   Instagon   Air-o-gant   Death Squad   Frank Moore   Glass Crash

     Taped Submissions and Performances by:
     Xome   The Amputease   Taint   Scott Arford   Seedmouth   Genetic Death Cell
     The Haters   Death Squad   Rotten Jesus   MSBR   Electronic Karma Sutra
     Macronympha   Stimbox   Frank Moore   Instagon   Death Keeps Me Awake

     Short Films and Video:
     The Digger  Snuff Balloon   Holes On The Neck   Institutional Broadcast
     Serrrations   TV Homicide   Dahmer Spectacle

*Even though these DVDs contain the exact content broadcast on television at that
time, some people may consider the material to be of an adult or mature nature*

Death Squad - Collected Documentation
North America & Europe 1998 - 2000

204 Pages, 8.5" x 11" Perfect bound edition of 250.
Three CDs of unreleased material and a single DVD.

Covering the Self Annihilation Tour, Intent, Enacted Hostage Sequence,
Almost Dead in Chicago, Sentinels of the Apocalypse Tour and
Closing Statements.

With contributions by: Scott Arford, Lee Bartow,
J.Frede, Russ Kent, Tomas Novak and Jason Quell
book page

1998 Disc One
1. Radiosonde – Promo Tour CD 1998 (6:46)
2. Chapter 23 – Promo Tour CD 1998 (13:18)
3. Death Squad – Promo Tour CD 1998 (4:02)
4. Radiosonde Live at 7hz – San Francisco, CA 9.12.98 (Excerpt 5:26)
5. Chapter 23 Live at 7hz – San Francisco, CA 9.12.98 (Excerpt 9:13)
6. Death Squad Live – Lahti, Finland 9.26.98 (Excerpt 3:05)
7. Location Unknown – Michael on train complaining, audio from video (3:28)
8. KFJC 89.7 Radio Free Hatred – Los Altos, CA – Death Squad Interview 12.10.98 (19:19)

2000 Disc Two
1. Quell Tour Promo CD Live 6.6.99 (3:42)
2. Quell Tour Promo CD Live 9.18.98 (7:00)
3. Death Squad Live – Trnava, Slovakia 4.6.00 (28:03)
4. Quell Live – Wroclaw, Poland 4.7.00 (13:30)
5. Death Squad Live – Duisburg, Germany 4.1.00 (Excerpt 3:50)
6. Death Squad last confession before final show (12:52)

2000 Disc Three
1. KPFA 94.1 The No Other Radio Network – Berkeley, CA 7.12.00 (24:39)
Scott Arford, Kush Arora and Michael Nine interviewed by Mr. Hate
2. Death Squad – Unreleased track recorded on tour 1998 (14:14)
3. Alternate soundtrack for final show (23:00)

DVD Disc Four
1. Spoken Video 1996 (6:04)
2. Theological Genocide 1998 (50:14)
3. Apocalyptic Pathology 1996 (27:07)
4. Double Murder Suicide 1998 (51:35)
5. Final Performance Video Projection 2000 (13:12)

       Neural Operations &
      Influencing Machine Records
      Death Squad - Collected Documentation
      1997 North American Tour Book

 200 pages: 145 photos, 33 handouts, 47 flyers, writings,
         documents and an extensive new interview.

         3 CDs of unreleased live shows and radio performances.
         8.5" x 11" Perfectbound Softcover Edition of 300
         Official Website


    The audiobook has been removed.
    There are some new overreaching terms of use
    with the distribution service I originally submitted my book to,
    since their acquisition by Spotify.
    I will be finding a new distributor shortly.

    The audio sample on soundcloud will remain up.

        - Past Activities -

        05.19.21   Mayhem 19 Death Squad / MK9 Special with host Mark Mullins
        Interview and Music - KFJC 89.7 Los Altos Hills, California. Archive on Mixcloud       

        12.18.19 Rusalka / MK9 - Live sets / interviews on
        KPFA 94.1 - The No Other Radio Network - Berkeley, California. Archive on Mixcloud

        11.22.19 At The Toast Collective, Vancouver BC

             Whip of the UFO AFB Album Release with Exeunt / Rusalka / MK9 - Pictures here

        10.21.19  KPFA Berkeley - The No Other Radio Network
        Interview and music: Michael Nine and Influencing Machine Records. Show archive on MixCloud

        2019 Autumn Tour Page With Rusalka
also a Photo / Video Gallery

        2018 RUSALKA / THE RITA / MK9 - Europe Tour Archive Page And Photo / Video Gallery

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        Fuck TV

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