Death Squad - Collected Documentation
   North America & Europe 1998 - 2000

   204 Pages, 8.5" x 11" Perfect bound edition of 250.
   Three CDs of unreleased material and a single DVD.

    Covering the Self Annihilation Tour, Intent, Enacted Hostage Sequence,
    Almost Dead in Chicago, Sentinels of the Apocalypse Tour and
    Closing Statements.

    With contributions by: Scott Arford, Lee Bartow,
    J.Frede, Russ Kent, Tomas Novak and Jason Quell
    book page

    1998 Disc One
    1. Radiosonde – Promo Tour CD 1998 (6:46)
    2. Chapter 23 – Promo Tour CD 1998 (13:18)
    3. Death Squad – Promo Tour CD 1998 (4:02)
    4. Radiosonde Live at 7hz – San Francisco, CA 9.12.98 (Excerpt 5:26)
    5. Chapter 23 Live at 7hz – San Francisco, CA 9.12.98 (Excerpt 9:13)
    6. Death Squad Live – Lahti, Finland 9.26.98 (Excerpt 3:05)
    7. Location Unknown – Michael on train complaining, audio from video (3:28)
    8. KFJC 89.7 Radio Free Hatred – Los Altos, CA – Death Squad Interview 12.10.98 (19:19)

    2000 Disc Two
    1. Quell Tour Promo CD Live 6.6.99 (3:42)
    2. Quell Tour Promo CD Live 9.18.98 (7:00)
    3. Death Squad Live – Trnava, Slovakia 4.6.00 (28:03)
    4. Quell Live – Wroclaw, Poland 4.7.00 (13:30)
    5. Death Squad Live – Duisburg, Germany 4.1.00 (Excerpt 3:50)
    6. Death Squad last confession before final show (12:52)

    2000 Disc Three
    1. KPFA 94.1 The No Other Radio Network – Berkeley, CA 7.12.00 (24:39)
    Scott Arford, Kush Arora and Michael Nine interviewed by Mr. Hate
    2. Death Squad – Unreleased track recorded on tour 1998 (14:14)
    3. Alternate soundtrack for final show (23:00)

    DVD Disc Four
    1. Spoken Video 1996 (6:04)
    2. Theological Genocide 1998 (50:14)
    3. Apocalyptic Pathology 1996 (27:07)
    4. Double Murder Suicide 1998 (51:35)
    5. Final Performance Video Projection 2000 (13:12)

      Neural Operations &
      Influencing Machine Records present:
      Death Squad - Collected Documentation
      1997 North American Tour Book

 200 pages: 145 photos, 33 handouts, 47 flyers, writings,
          documents and an extensive new interview.

          3 CDs of unreleased live shows and radio performances.
          8.5" x 11" Perfectbound Softcover Edition of 300

         Forty signed editions with an original handout, 3-4 flyers from 1997,
         four photos, a book page test print plus a CDr of radio interviews.

         $50 USD / $68 CAD Regular Edition + shipping

         Special Edition (SOLD OUT)

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Thoabath - Drown

      Neural Operations is proud to present Thoabath - Drown
      Edition of 100 professionally printed discs and wallet (includes download code)

      Thoabath (Andrew Way) is an Oakland, CA based musician that has been active for decades.
      Way has been involved in numerous projects such as; Sutekh Hexen, Maleficia, French Radio and Carrion.

      Drown is Thoabath's ninth release.

      Through four tracks and fifty minutes the listener is transported to dense and dark negation.
      Layer upon layer pushes deeper into a whirl of suffocating organized chaos.

      “On my third round and still at a loss for words trying to describe it. Maybe death industrial
      distilled to its essence and informed by bombed out 70s Berlin School electronics. Drown
      couldn’t be a more appropriate title. It sounds like the last image I saw before drowning
      when I was 5yrs old looking up from the bottom of the pool seeing two silhouettes rippling
      in the water above. Don’t eat before swimming kids, listen to this album instead.”

    -R. Jencks

      CD Available from Neural Operations
      Digital downloads available from the artist Thoabath

    Trucido - Das Butcher (C30 - 1992 Reissue, pre death squad)
    Neural Operations N0 29            

    Das Butcher was originally released in 1992 on recycled cassettes packagedin red plastic floppy disc cases in an edition of ten.
    It was the first release on Spastik Soniks which evolved into the main label of Death Squad/Michael Nine.

    It wasn’t until 2020 that a copy of the tape resurfaced from someone who was given one in 1992.

    These recordings document some of the earliest efforts by Michael Nine.Trucido represents a starting point of
    sound creation for personal therapy. Initially this material was not meant to be shared, the sounds were merely the end

    product of frequencies that had already been created for their intended purpose-therapy.

    Friends expressed interest in listening to the material so Nine decided to compile some tapes for them.
    Very few copies of the tape were sold at a Gillman Street record show in Berkeley, California and the rest were given away.

    The original audio was recorded over found commercial music tapes.
    Each tape left some of the original music at the beginning before the Trucido material started.
    For this reissue those bits have been removed. The original tapes were labeled with
    paper tape to cover up the information on them and each one had an individual handwritten message.

    Available at

   Scream and Writhe canada  


    Spastik Soniks Death Squad Split Tape Reissues
    Originally released in 1994 and 1996.
 Reissued in an edition of 50 each.
    Xome / Death Squad - Life: Quit It. / Automaton (C64) 1996
    Cock E.S.P. / Death Squad - Temporary Paralysis / Residue (C20) 1996
    En Nihil / Death Squad - Untitled (C20) 1996
    K.C.I.D. / Death Squad - Michael Jackson Are My Dick! / Amnesia (C50) 1996
    Off World Kick Death Squad - Arc Light (project before Trucido & Death Squad) (C33) 1994



    - Current / Past Activities -

        05.19.21   Mayhem 19 Death Squad / MK9 Special with host Mark Mullins
        Interview and Music - KFJC 89.7 Los Altos Hills, California. Archive on Mixcloud       

        12.18.19 Rusalka / MK9 - Live sets / interviews on
        KPFA 94.1 - The No Other Radio Network - Berkeley, California. Archive on Mixcloud

        11.22.19 At The Toast Collective, Vancouver BC
        Whip of the UFO AFB Album Release with Exeunt / Rusalka / MK9
- Pictures here

        10.21.19  KPFA Berkeley - The No Other Radio Network
        Interview and music: Michael Nine and Influencing Machine Records. Show archive on MixCloud

        2019 Autumn Tour Page With Rusalka
also a Photo / Video Gallery

        2018 RUSALKA / THE RITA / MK9 - Europe Tour Archive Page And Photo / Video Gallery


    Fuck TV
      FUCK TV - 3 Disc DVD Set with 8 page booklet

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      Influencing Machine Records
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      The Pain Factory 4 DVD Set
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     The Pain Factory DVD Set