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MK9 is a sound and visual therapy project by michael nine that began in the latter half of 2001.
Preceding the end of the controversial and confrontational performances as the renowned project Death Squad.
Originally from San Francisco, California he now resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.

This ongoing project seeks to understand the irrational nature and motivation of the human species.
Performances include pre-constructed sound as well as live frequency creation.
Expression will occur with audio-video reporting. Material will include observed social actions and behaviors.
At times our evolution stands still and becomes a counter productive mire of redundancy and backwards progress.
It can be a very small isolated window each of us looks from, out into a much larger space of existence.
Video, voice, sound and handouts will be offered
As Death Squad, Michael Nine has performed extensively across the globe. In 1992 he founded Spastik Kommunikations,
a record label dedicated to documenting and releasing works from Death Squad and parallel projects.
With the beginning of his new project a new record label evolved, “Neural Operations”.
Which became more suited to the current activities, performances and recordings.
Since 1992, Michael Nine has released and produced over 50 solo, compilation, audio and video works which have been distributed internationally.

Starting in 1995 he began touring and has performed nearly 200 shows around the world.


Curriculum Vitae

Videography -
Human Gaze (2018), Twenty Sixteen (2016), Pacific Northwest (2015), Anhedonia (2014), Continuing Observations (2012),
Live Deconstructions (2010), Waiting Room (2006), Communicated (2005), Globalisation / Detaining
(2005), Dissident (2004) WHY (2003), Sentinels of the Apocalypse (2000), Riots (1998), Fratricide (1997), Police Attack (1996)

Television Show Creator and Producer-
Fuck TV (10 Episodes), Channel 53, San Francisco, CA, USA 1997 – 1998
The Pain Factory (A Live Experimental TV Show) (13 Episodes), Channel 53, San Francisco, CA, USA 1995 - 1997

Screenings -
The Pain Factory (3 Episodes), 529 Club, Atlanta, GA USA, 2019
Proiezione di Death Squad at the Lab (25/6/99), Ikigai Room, Bologna, Italy, 2019
9th Annual Activating the Medium Festival, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA 2006
SloMo Video Fest, Lobot Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA 2006
Original Short Video Works, 7Hz, San Francisco, CA, USA 2005
Experimental Video Screenings, 7Hz, CA, USA 2004
New Video Works, 7Hz, San Francisco, CA, USA 2004
Cut-up/+- (A Year of Fuck TV) - Aim For The Brain, ATA, San Francisco, CA, USA 1999

Lectures -
You Are Cordially, Video Slide Show and Lecture, 7Hz, San Francisco, CA, USA 2004
Video, Television and Public Access, Toronto School of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada 2000
Performance and Lecture, City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA 1995

Articles -
Wallis, Jennifer (Editor), Fight your own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture, Headpress UK, 2016 pp 1,26,50-56,104
Peleckis, Mindaugas Written In Blood, Interview, Numen Books Australia, 2015 pp. 164 – 170
Pure Nothing Worship Issue #2, Interview, Serbia, 2014 pp. 12-18
Special Interest #9, Essentials, Finland, 2013 pp. 70-73
Idwal Fisher #5, Performance Review, United Kingdom, 2005 p. 17
Degenerate #1, Interview, Finland, 2001 pp. 16,17
Chain D.L.K #8, Interview, Italy, Profile, 2000 pp. 20,21
Freak Animal #11, Interview, Finland, 1998 pp. 19-21
Iron Feather Journal #16, Artwork, USA, 1998 p. 4

Selected Live Multimedia Performances and Tours -

2019 Fall USA Tour
Milwaukee, WI (Jazz Center Gallery For The Arts), Chicago, IL (Ziploc), Dayton, OH (Skeleton Dust Records), Columbus, OH (Dirty Dungarees), Cleveland, OH (Yellow), Pittsburgh, PA (Collision), Nyack, NY (Maura's Kitchen), Rockaway, NY (Red Light District)

2019 Oakland, CA - The Haters Forti Festival (Terminal)

2018 European Tour
Birmingham, UK (Wagon & Horses), Gateshead, UK (The Old Police House), Leeds, UK (Wharf Chambers),
Brussels, Belgium (Cafe Central), Dusseldorf, Germany (WP8), Antwerp, Belgium (Laagzwart), Cologne, Germany ( Halle am Rhein), Copenhagen, Denmark (Mayhem), Berlin, Germany (Ausland), Zurich, Switzerland (Kochareal), Bologna, Italy ( Freakout), Milano, Italy (Macao), Casso, Italy (Nuovo Spazio di Casso), Trbovlje, Slovenia (Delavski dom), Ljubljana, Slovenia (Cirkulacija 2), Ostrava, Czechia (Antikvariát a klub Fiducia), Prague, Czechia ( (A)void Floating Gallery), Dresden, Germany ( Club|debil), Bytom, Poland (Wolne Tory TSA), Lodz, Poland (Club DOM), Warsaw, Poland (Pogłos), Sundsvall, Sweden (Galleri Granen)

2017 Vancouver, Canada (Selectors' Records w/ Gordon Ashworth)
2017 Vancouver, Canada (Red Gate Revue Stage - Vancouver Noise Fest VII w/ The Rita)

2016 Twenty Sixteen Europe Tour with Rusalka:
Leeds, UK (Wharf Chambers), Manchester, UK (FUEL), Münster, Germany (Black Box / Cuba),
Brussels, Belgium (Cafe Central), Zurich, Switzerland (Koch Areal), Dresden, Germany (ClubDebil),
Prague, Czechia (A)Void Floating Gallery), Poznań, Poland (LAS), Łódź, Poland (KlubDom w/ Wiktor Skok),
Warsaw, Poland (Przychodnia), Oulu, Finland (Tukikohta), Stockholm, Sweden (Fylkingen)

2015 Pacific Northwest Tour USA & Canada w/ Rusalka:
Portland, OR (S1), Eugene, OR (The Wandering Goat) Seattle, WA (Funhouse Lounge at El Corazon),
Vancouver, Canada(The Black Lab w/ The Rita) Victoria, Canada (Intrepid Theatre Company Society w/ The Rita)

2014 Anhedonia - USA & Europe Tour:
Allston, MA, USA (O’Briens Pub), Brooklyn, NY, USA (The Silent Barn), Providence, RI, USA (Dusk),
Glasgow, Scotland (The Old Hairdressers), Birmingham, UK (The Wagon and Horses - Shards Of
Ordinance Festival w/ Dave Phillips, JK Flesh), Oulu, Finland (Kulttuuribingo), Lahti, Finland (Rooster Pub),
Vilnius, Lithuania (Club Kablys), Opole, Poland (Eliksir Salon), Prague, Czechia (Usedlost
Cibulka), Liběchov, Czechia (Crypt), Dresden, Germany (ClubDebil), Belgrade, Serbia (Inex Film),
Belgrade, Serbia (KC grad), Lille, France (El Diablo w/ Sudden Infant)

2012 Continuing Observations Europe Tour:
Leeds, UK (Wharf Chambers), London, UK (Slimelight - Confession V Festival w/ Martin Bladh),
Turku, Finland (Uusi TVO), Helsinki, Finland (Bizarre Bunker), Tallinn, Estonia (Kodu Baar),
Prague, Czechia (Club FINAL), Prague, Czechia (Ad-Hoc Experimentation w/ Einleitungszeit),
Budapest, Hungary (Szabad az), Dresden, Germany (ClubDebil), Zielona Góra, Poland (BWA),
Duisburg, Germany (Djäzz), Brussels, Belgium (Le Café Central), Lille, France (La Rumeur)

2010 Live Deconstructions Europe Tour:
London, UK (The Grosvenor SW9), Paris, France (Les Instants Chavirés), Zielona Gora, Poland (BWA),
Dresden, Germany (ClubDebil), Prague, Czechia (Underground), Bratislava, Slovak Republic (A4),
Vilnius, Lithuania (Moulin Rouge), Helsinki, Finland (La-bas), Malmo, Sweden (Skanes scen),
Lille, France (La Rumeur)

2006 San Francisco, CA, USA (7hz), An Empty Sense of Nothing – fifth anti performance

2005 Globalisation / Detaining Europe Tour:
San Francisco, CA, USA (7hz), Leeds, UK (Cardigan Arms w/ Sudden Infant), London, UK (Slimelight w/ Z’ev),
Vilnius, Lithuania (The Crypt), Prague, Czechia (Kino Aero – Prague Industrial Festival XI),
Dresden, Germany (ClubDebil), Duisburg, Germany (Djäzz w/ Yann Keller), Lille, France (Blooms Café)

2004 Dissident Europe Tour:
Dusseldorf, Germany (Wp8), Berlin, Germany (Garage Pankow – Consumer Electronics Festival),
Prague, Czechia (Alternatiff Gallery Bar), Ljubljana, Slovenia (Metelkkova), Kranj, Slovenia (Izbruth
Culttural Swimming Pool), Crnomelj, Slovenia (MKK MS), Vilnius, Lithuania (Club Intro), Stockholm,
Sweden (Fylkingen w/ Martin Bladh) Antwerp, Belgium (Factor 44), Zurich, Switzerland (Sue Ellen Bar w/ Dave Phillips),
Amsterdam, Netherlands (OT 301), Lille, France (The Gallery) Leeds, UK (The Packhorse w/ Lucas Abela)
Newcastle, UK (The Space), London, UK (The Eye w/ Sudden Infant)

2003 Providence, RI, USA (AS220 – Providence Industrial Noise Fest II)
2003 San Francisco, CA, USA (7Hz w/ Zibigniew Karkowski)

2002 7Hz Europe Tour with Randy Yau and Scott Arford:
Berlin, Germany (Podewil) Prague, Czechia (Vysehradska 2), Dresden, Germany (Az Conni),
Prague, Czechia (FCCA), Graz, Austria (Vipers Bar w/ Helmut Schäfer), Ljubljana, Slovenia (Gallery Kapelica),
Vienna, Austria (Rhiz Bar), Munich, Germany (Domagk Kaserne – Stupor Arts) Zurich,
Switzerland (Bogen13), Utrecht, Netherlands (Theater Kikker), Amsterdam, Netherlands (OT301),
Cologne, Germany (Kultur Bunker), Duisburg, Germany (Die Fabrik), London, UK (Red Rose),
Leeds, UK (Royal Park Cellars)

2002 San Francisco, CA, USA (7HZ), Procedure – First Anti Performance

2000 Sentinels of the Apocalypse Tour with Quell:
Schekenberg, Germany (YOGI'S), Duisburg, Germany (Die Fabrik), Prague, Czechia (Papírna Squat),
Slovakia, Trnava (Club Archa), Wroclaw, Poland (Swiebodzki Railway Station) Dresden, Germany (AZ Conni),
London, UK (Hinoeuma Club), Leeds, UK (Silver Street Studios), New York, USA (The Pyramid),
Cleveland, OH, USA (Speak In Tongues), Minneapolis, MN, USA (Gus Lucky's), Denver, CO, USA (Creative Car Audio),
Portland, OR, USA (The New Paris Theatre), Los Altos, CA, USA (Foothill College KFJC 89.7 - Radio Free Hatred Live Performance), San Francisco, CA, USA (7Hz Last death squad action)

Selected Discography: MK9, Michael Nine, Death Squad:
MK9 – Absence Of Meaning, CD, Neural Operations, Canada, 2019
MK9 – Faulted Design, CD, Neural Opeations, Canada, 2019
MK9 – Loss As Loss, Cassette, Bacteria Field, USA, 2018
MK9 / RUSALKA - Separate Anxieties, CD, Neural Operations, USA / Canada, 2016
MK9 / RUSALKA - Schematic Conversation, Cassette, Neural Operations, USA /Canada, 2015
Anonymous – Evidence Series – Session Two, Cassette, 2015
Anonymous – Evidence Series – Placebo, Cassette, 2014
MK9 – Anhedonic Ideations, 3x Mini CD, USA, Neural Operations, 2012
Michael Nine / MK9 – Discography and Video 2001 – 2006, 2x CD, Neural Operations, USA, 2012
MK9 – Nothingness Exist, CD, Neural Operations, USA, 2010
MK9 – Resist, Mini CD, Neural Operations, USA, 2005
Michael Nine – Evidence Series – McVeigh Unedited, CD Spastik Kommunikations, USA, 2004
Michael Nine – Evidence Series – Waco (Cassette Box w/ Photos / essay) Spastik Kommunikations, 2004
Michael Nine – Empathy / Apathy, 7”, Maruta Records, Germany, 2003
MK9 – Paranoia and Attrition, Video CD, Neural Operations, USA, 2003
MK9 – Procedure, Video CD, Neural Operations, USA, 2002
Michael Nine – WHY, CD, Neural Operations, USA, 2002
Michael Nine – Self Medicated, CD, Neural Operations, USA, 2002
Michael Nine / Scott Arford / Randy Yau - 7HZ Compilation, CD, Ausculture Research. USA, 2002
Anonymous – Evidence Series - Question, 3” Video CD, USA, 2002
Death Squad – Intent, VHS, Spastik Kommunikations, USA, 2002
Death Squad – Out-patient, CD, Spastik Kommunikations, USA, 2000
Death Squad – Isolation As Intent, CD, Spastik Kommunikations, USA 2000
Death Squad / Radiosonde / Chapter 23, Prosthetics, CD Spastik Kommunikations, USA, 1998
Death Squad – Electro Chamber, Cassette, Spastik Soniks, USA, 1997
Death Squad – Hypcenter, Cassette, Spastik Soniks, USA, 1996
Death Squad – Stammheim, Cassette, Spastik Soniks, USA, 1996
Death Squad – Acoustic Isolation, Cassette, Spastik Soniks, USA, 1995
Death Squad – Radium, Cassette, Spastik Soniks, USA, 1995
Death Squad – Messiah, Cassette, Spastik Soniks, USA, 1994