Europe / UK tour December 2016
MK9 and Rusalka

01.12.2016  Leeds, UK  Wharf Chambers
02.12.2016  Manchester, UK  TBA
03.12.2016  Münster, Germany  Black box/Cuba
06.12.2016  Brussels, Belgium   Cafe Central
07.12.2016  Ljubljana, Slovenia
08.12.2016  Zurich, Switzerland Koch Areal   FB Event Page
09.12.2016  Dresden, Germany Club Debil    FB Event Page
10.12.2016  Prague, Czechia  TBA
13.12.2016  Poznań, Poland LAS

14.12.2016  Łódź, Poland TBA
15.12.2016  Poland TBA
16.12.2016  Finland TBA
17.12.2016  Finland TBA
22.12.2016  Sweden TBA

October 2015 Page - Rusalka / MK9 - Pacific Northwest


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 2014 Handout Packet

Anhedonia 2014 MK9 Handout Folder
reproduced handouts from –
boston, brooklyn, providence, glasgow, birmingham, oulu, lahti, vilnius, opole, praha, dresden, belgrade, lille
including two death squad special perfomance handouts for the vilnius and belgrade shows

$11 + postage, catalog here
Regular limited edition of 50 (3 remaining)

Online Version of the flyers are here <---


Private edition of 25 (Sold Out)
with an actual flyer that was handed out at the show
these are from the death squad memorial shows.
Includes all the flyers reproduced + 1 bonus flyer



MK9 – anhedonic ideations
anhedonic ideations

Available @ Neural Operations and Discogs

Limited to 120 copies.       -SOLD OUT-

3 mini cdrs, 72 page booklet, button, postcard,
Hand typed text, enclosed in a sealed black foil bag.

- black disc: five untitled tracks

- silver disc: audio recorded once per day over a six month period. each track represents one week

-square disc: a reading of a paragraph from the booklet, each disc is unique.



Placebo – Evidence Series Object 6


Cassette in white vinyl box.
Folded insert and original handmade Rorschach Test print on Freud text.
Numbered Edition of 100   (spoken word)  -SOLD OUT-


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Things for sale.

Things for sale.