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 2014 Handout Packet

Anhedonia 2014 MK9 Handout Folder
reproduced handouts from –
boston, brooklyn, providence, glasgow, birmingham, oulu, lahti, vilnius, opole, praha, dresden, belgrade, lille
including two death squad special perfomance handouts for the vilnius and belgrade shows

$11 + postage, catalog here
Regular limited edition of 50 (4 remaining)

Online Version of the flyers are here <---


Private edition of 25 (Sold Out)
with an actual flyer that was handed out at the show
these are from the death squad memorial shows.
Includes all the flyers reproduced + 1 bonus flyer



MK9 – anhedonic ideations
anhedonic ideations

Available @ Neural Operations and Discogs

Limited to 120 copies.       -SOLD OUT-

3 mini cdrs, 72 page booklet, button, postcard,
Hand typed text, enclosed in a sealed black foil bag.

- black disc: five untitled tracks

- silver disc: audio recorded once per day over a six month period. each track represents one week

-square disc: a reading of a paragraph from the booklet, each disc is unique.



Placebo – Evidence Series Object 6


Cassette in white vinyl box.
Folded insert and original handmade Rorschach Test print on Freud text.
Numbered Edition of 100   (spoken word)  -SOLD OUT-


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Things for sale.

Things for sale.