Past Performances    


MK9 is a sound and visual therapy project by michael nine from California, that began in the latter half of 2001.
Preceding the end of the controversial and confrontational performances as the renowned project Death Squad.

This ongoing project seeks to understand the irrational nature and motivation of the human species.
Performances include pre-constructed sound as well as live frequency creation.
Expression will occur with audio-video reporting. Material will include observed social actions and behaviors.
At times our evolution stands still and becomes a counter productive mire of redundancy and backwards progress.
It can be a very small isolated window each of us looks from, out into a much larger space of existence.
Video, voice, sound and handouts will be offered.

As Death Squad, Michael Nine has performed extensively across the globe. In 1992 he founded Spastik Kommunikations,
a record label dedicated to documenting and releasing works from Death Squad and parallel projects.
With the beginning of his new project a new record label evolved, “Neural Operations”.
Which became more suited to the current activities, performances and recordings.

Since 1992, Michael Nine has released and produced over 50 solo, compilation, audio and video works which have been distributed internationally.

Starting in 1995 he began touring and has performed nearly 200 shows around the world.