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Pulling out files and other things from the past. Due to the death squad reissues i felt it may be interesting to see some other material from that time period.
The original files were created in Word back in 1997 on the road. Some of the most tedious and painful flyers and hand outs i have ever encountered.
Using a tiny laptop and Kinkos. I would try and use a program that was not even intended at all for layout.
Somehow it worked out, though there was probably a path of Kinkos employees that hated me across the country.
On a regular basis I would crash their machines, not intentionally, but most likely from my lack of knowledge about image size and those images in word.
Eventually I will get around to scanning the originals, but for now, just slightly adjusted incompatible out of date digital files.


Death Squad Flyers and Handouts

Speak In Tongues - Cleveland Ohio 1997



Salon Zwerge - Chicago Illinois 1997



RRRecords - Lowell Massachusetts - 1997 Flyer and Handout


Microsoft Word - RRR2.DOC

Minneapolis Minnesota 1997


New York City  New York 1998