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02.08    Richmond, BC Canada @ The Farm with Whip Of The UFO, YGMER, Rusalka, Psychadelic Attack, Wisdomshitter and The Memory Palace


12.18    Berkeley, CA  USA @ KPFA 94.1 - The No Other Radio Network with Rusalka - Live performance and interview
12.13    Oakland, CA  USA @ The First Church of The Buzzard with Rusalka, Thoabath, Lye Feast, Crawl of Time and Cruor Incendia
11.22    Vancouver, BC @ The Toast Collective, with Whip Of The UFO, Exeunt and Rusalka

Autumn Tour with Rusalka
11.06    Cleveland, OH USA @ Yellow with Murderous Vision, Skin Graft and Noah Depew
11.07    Pittsburgh, PA USA @ Collision with Empathic Window, Niku Darum, Deterge
11.08    Nyack, NY USA @ Maura's Kitchen with Ormus, Hypertrophy and DJ Le Bourreau
11.09    Queens, NY USA @ Red Light District with Yellow Tears and Scant
11.05    Columbus, OH USA @ Dirty Dungarees with Dissilient, Vanishing Cities, Princsex and Fatal Gaze
11.04    Dayton, OH USA @ Skeleton Dust Records with Rosebud and Heat Signature
11.03    Chicago, IL USA @ Ziploc with H.O. The History of Leather and Slit Throats
11.02    Milwaukee, WI USA @ Jazz Gallery Center For The Arts with Climax Denial, Pleasure Thief and Citizen 2-13

08.21    Berkeley, CA USA @ KPFA 94.1 - No Other Radio Network (Featured Music and Interview) Mixcloud Archive

08.17    Oakland, CA USA @ Terminal - Haters Forti Fest with The Haters , Chop Shop, AMK, Damion Romero, Scott Arford,
             Cruor Incendia + DJ Joe Colley
04.27    Vancouver, Canada @ Remington Gallery - Vancouver Noise Fest IX with CSTL, Griefer, Holzkopf, Interracial Sex, Cruor Incendia,
              K.M. Toepfer, Molena, The Nausea, Nit, Primitive Isolation Tactics, The Rita, Rivera, Rusalka, Scarcity, Taskmaster, Ted Byrnes, Worker
03.08    Victoria, Canada @ Intrepid Theatre - Dry Sockets Festival with B. P. , D. C. , Damno Te, Fingers Of The Embalmer, Happiness Forever
              Interracial Sex, Liebestod, Molena, Mot, The Nausea, Obsidian Needles, Reaper, The Rita, Rusalka, Sistrenatus, Skruntskrunt,
            K.M. Toepfer

2018   European Tour with Rusalka and The Rita
10.31   Birmingham, UK @ Wagon & Horses with Khost, Steckdose, DJ Max Simpson
11.02   Gateshead (Newcastle), UK @ The Old Police House with Plastiglomerate/SW1N-Hunter
11.03   Leeds, UK @ Wharf Chambers with Mondo Sadists
11.06   Brussels, Belgium @ Cafe Central
11.07   Dusseldorf, Germany @ WP8
11.08   Antwerp, Belgium @ Laagzwart with Praying For Oblivion
11.09   Cologne, Germany @ Halle am Rhein with Wince, Absterbende
11.10   Copenhagen, Denmark @ Mayhem with Knækkede Stemmer, Carnal Exhibition, Clinical Trails
11.13   Berlin, Germany @ Ausland
11.14   Zurich, Switzerland @ Kochareal
11.15   Bologna, Italy @ Freakout Club with Vomir
11.16   Milano, Italy @ Macao with Vomir, Fecalove
11.17   Casso, Italy @ Nuovo Spazio di Casso with Fukte vs Molestiaa Auricularum
11.20   Trbovlje, Slovenia @ Sound Chambers Series vol. VIII - Delavski dom with Pol Mod Pol
11.21   Ljubljana, Slovenia @ Sound Chambers Series vol. VIII meets C2 - Cirkulacija 2 with Pol Mod Pol
11.22   Ostrava, Czechia @ Antikvariát a klub Fiducia with Improvisation by Paregorik, Ada and Saki
11.23   Prague, Czechia @ (A)void Floating Gallery with Seismic Wave Factory, Dysnomia, Magadan
11.25   Dresden, Germany @ Club|debil with Sammar
11.26   Bytom, Poland @ Wolne Tory TSA
11.27   Lodz, Poland @ Club DOM with Apogean
11.28   Warsaw, Poland @ Pogłos
11.29   Sundsvall, Sweden @ Galleri Granen with Galme

08.19   Vancouver, Canada @ Selectors' Records with Gordon Ashworth, Molena, Primordial Wound
05.20   Vancouver, Canada @ Red Gate Revue Stage - Vancouver Noise Fest VII

2016   Twenty Sixteen Tour with RUSALKA
12.01   Leeds, UK @ Wharf Chambers with Ashtray Navigations, Hedge Maze
12.02   Manchester, UK @ FUEL with Smell & Quimm, Iron Drugs, UVB-76
12.03   Münster, Germany @ Black Box / Cuba with Moloch
12.06   Brussels, Belgium @ Cafe Central
12.08   Zürich, Switzerland @ Koch Areal
12.09   Dresden, Germany @ Club|debil
12.10   Praha, Czechia @ (A)Void Floating Gallery with Slow Slow Lories, Opening Performance Orchestra, Black Highway, Magadan
12.13   Poznań, Poland @ LAS with Kazehito Seki
12.14   Łódź, Poland @ KlubDom with Wiktor Skok, Iron Lung, Purgist
12.15   Warsaw, Poland @ Przychodnia with Purgist, IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX
12.16   Oulu, Finland@ Tukikohta with HĀKKi, Laszlo Jamf
12.22   Stockholm, Sweden @ Fylkingen with Pelle

2015   Pacific Northwest Tour with RUSALKA
10.13   Portland, OR USA@ S1 with Gadgetto, Bob Desaulniers
10.14   Eugene, OR USA @ The Wandering Goat with Acre, Andorkappen, Regosphere, Don Haugen
10.15   Seattle, WA USA @ Funhouse Lounge at El Corazon with Blowupnihilist, Xiphoid Dementia, Dried Up Corpse
10.16   Vancouver, British Columbia @ The Black Lab with The Rita, Worker
10.17   Victoria, British Columbia @ Intrepid Theatre Company Society with The Rita, MOT, Fingers Of The Embalmer, Flatgrey

2014   Anhedonia Tour
09.18    Allston, MA @ O’Briens Pub with OMEI, Whorid, Bereft, Bitchneck
09.19    Brooklyn, NY @ The Silent Barn  with OMEI, Whorid, THEOLOGIAN, EID, DJ sets Ben Abstract + Derek Rush
09.21    Providence, RI @ Dusk with Kintaan, The Vomit Arsonist, Power Monster
09.25    Glasgow, Scotland @ The Old Hairdressers with CON-DOM, BRUT, Kevlar, The Oppressors
09.26    Birmingham, UK @ The Wagon and Horses - SHARDS OF ORDINANCE: The Fallout with Dave Phillips, BRUT, Helm, Astral Social Club, Khost, Interlard
10.02    Oulu, Finland @ Kulttuuribingo with Aeoga, The Kolmas
10.03    Lahti, Finland @ Rooster Pub with BIZARRE UPROAR, Sick Seed
10.04    Vilnius, Lithuania @ Club Kablys with KE/HIL, Vanity Productions, Hassokk, Velemara + special Death Squad performance
10.09    Opole, Poland  @ Eliksir Salon with Yul , Purgist ,Vilgoć
10.10    Praha, Czechia @ Usedlost Cibulka with Sweeps04 & Day16, Black Highway, MiM, Monokinetic, Yarrděs, Heavyn, Black Pope
10.11    Liběchov Crypt, Czechia (free event) with Black Highway/Mitakuyeoyeasin, Seismic Wave Factory, Terezor, Tønŏ, T.Gondii
10.12    Dresden, Germany @ Club Debil with Heimstatt Yipotash
10.14    Belgrade, Serbia @ Inex Film with CON-DOM, BRUT, Death Squad, Dead Body Collection, Fecal Vomit
10.15    Belgrade, Serbia @ KC grad with CON-DOM, BRUT, Order Of The Violence, Nundata, Fecal Vomit
10.18    Hamburg, Germany @ FSK Radio with Moloch **Show Canceled**
10.22    Lille, France @ El Diablo with Sudden Infant (special thanks to Pole Ka for the amazing artwork)

2012   Continuing Observations
10.12   Leeds, UK @ Wharf Chambers with CON-DOM, Content Nullity, The Digitariat, Cremation Lily, Cementimental
10.13   London, UK @ Slimelight  :: Confession V ::
                with Bizarre Uproar, Martin Bladh, Hal Hutchinson, Vera Bremerton, Dry Greed, Content Nullity, BRUT, Jukka Siikala, Karolina Urbaniak, Anzhel Hutopia
10.19   Turku, Finland.S.I.C.K. Presents @ Uusi TVO with Jaakko Vanhala, Unclean, Peenemünde
10.20   Helsinki, Finland.S.I.C.K. Presents @ Bizarre Bunker with Jaakko Vanhala, Unclean, Chains Of Deathcommand, Will Over Matter
10.22   Tallinn, Estonia @ Kodu Baar
10.26   Praha, Czechia @ Club FINAL with CON-DOM, Dave Pitchless, All The Lonely Bitches, Vyedma, The Lifescapist & Bsulfur
10.27   Praha, Czechia @ [ad-hoc experimentation in local hidden area] with CON-DOM, Split Horizon, Key, Einleitungszeit
10.29   Budapest, Hungary @ Szabad az A  with CON-DOM, Halalnihil, Voidcorona, Drogded, Creation Through Destruction
10.30   Dresden, Germany @ ClubDebil.withHal Hutchinson + special Death Squad Halloween Resurrection Performance
11.03   Zielona Góra, Poland @ BWA  with Vilgoć, Blitz, no.thing
11.05   Duisburg, Germany @ Djäzz with Moloch
11.06   Brussels, Belgium @ Le Café Central with  Moloch
11.08   Lille, France @ La Rumeur with Camisole , Solar Skeletons, Wing in Ground Effect

2010   Live Deconstructions
12.01   Leeds, UK @ Royal Park **SHOW CANCELLED / DUE TO SNOW**
12.02   London, UK @ The Grosvenor SW9, Confession London support
                with Bizarre Uproar, Iron Fist Of the Sun, Skat Injector, Content Nulity, Cities Prepare for Attack, Antichildleauge / SIlent Abuse
12.03   Paris, France @ Les Instants Chavirés with CON-DOM, Etc.
12.06   Zielona Gora, Poland @ BWA with Vilgoć, Blitz, no.thing
12.07   Dresden , Germany @ Club Debil support with Störimpuls
12.09   Prague, Czechia @ Underground with CON-DOM
12.10   Bratislava, Slovak Republic @ A4 with CON-DOM, Igorrr, Whoukr, Redrum, Dren, My Lucky Days
12.11   Vilnius, Lithuania @ Moulin Rouge, Autarkeia support
                with CON-DOM, Alfarmania, Kristian Olsson, Body Cargo, Volksmorg, dj Sonia Dietrich
12.14   Helsinki, Finland @ La-bas, Freak Animal support, with Domestic Violence, Golden Rain, Les Manures
12.15   Malmo, Sweden @ Skanes scen with Pestdemon
12.16   Lille, France @ La Rumeur,  Nuit Et Brouillard support, with Praying For Oblivion, Evil Moisture, Penthotal

08.26   San Francisco, CA USA @ 7hz, with Mr Tickle & Shrill (mk9 - an empty sense of nothing.fifth anti performance)

2005   Globalisation / Detaining
11.19   San Francisco, CA USA @ 7hz, with nf orchest, Chris Musgrave
11.25   Leeds, UK @ Cardigan Arms with Sudden Infant,  Flower-Corsano Duo, Sunroof!
11.26   London, UK @ Slimelight, Hinoeuma The Malediction Presents with FUKN’ BSTRDS, Nocturnal Emissions, Sektion B, Z’ev
12.05   Vilnius, Lithuania @ The Crypt, Autarkeia support, with Drama, d.j. Lashisha
12.09   Praha, Czechia @ Kino Aero.Prague Industrial Festival XI
                with Herbst 9, Thorofon, Fragment King, Dorota Kleszcz, Z´ev, Aghiatrias, Job Karma, Institution D.O.L. , Elinas Video Performance
12.13   Dresden, Germany @ Club Debil with Dresden 45, Human Destructur
12.14   Duisburg, Germany @ DJazz with Yann Keller
12.16   Lille, France @ Blooms Cafe –  Nuit et Brouillard support with Mourmansk 150

2004   Dissident Tour
04.09   Dusseldorf, Germany @ Wp8 (communion.fourth anti performance)
04.10   Berlin, Germany @ Garage Pankow.Consumer Electronics Festival with CON-DOM, The Grey Wolves, Stahlwerk 9
04.12   Prague, Czechia @ Alternatiff Gallery Bar, Ars Morta Universum support
04.15   Ljubljana, Slovenia @ Metelkkova / Mreza with Man Manly
04.16   Kranj, Slovenia @ Izbruth Culttural Swimming Pool with Minimal Bastard, Shitoba, Man Manly
04.17   Crnomelj, Slovenia @ MKK MS with Minimal Bastard, Shitoba, Man Manly
04.22   Vilnius, Lithuania @ Club Intro with Visada Ne, dj: Lashisha
04.25   Stockholm, Sweden @ Klubbrehab / Fylkingen with Moljebka Pvlse, Martin Bladh, Treriksröset. Segerhuva dj Team
04.28   Antwerp, Belgium @ Factor 44 / Bonemarrownoizz with Man Manly, Lalupa, Dan / Laird, Chris Musgrave
04.30   Zurich, Switzerland @ Sue Ellen Bar with Man Manly, Dave Phillips
05.01   Amsterdam, Netherlands @ OT 301
05.04   Lille, France @ The Gallery, Nuit et Brouillard support, with Klood
05.07   Leeds, UK @ The Packhorse with Fckn’ Bstrds, Bongoleeros, Romance, Lucas Abela
05.08   Newcastle, UK @The Space with Fckn’ Bstrds, Bongoleeros, Romance, Lucas Abela
05.09   London, UK @ The Eye with Sudden Infant, Lucas Abela, Goldied

08.17   Providence, CA USA @ AS220.Providence Industrial Noise Fest II as mk9  (why.third anti performance)
06.21   San Francisco, CA USA @ unit mk9 (attrition and paranoia.second anti performance)

2002   7hz Tour with Randy Yau and Scott Arford
08.31   San Francisco, USA @ 7Hz as unit mk9  (procedure.first anti performance)
09.11   Berlin, Germany @ Podewil
09.13   Prague, Czechia @ Vysehradska 2  (Atmospheric Cellar).  Ars Morta Universum support
09.14   Terezin, Czechia @ M.E.C.C.A. (cancelled due to flood)
09.16   Dresden, Germany @ Az Conni
09.17   Prague, Czech Republic @ FCCA (Workshop)
09.18   Prague, Czech Republic @ FCCA (Performance)
09.19   Graz, Austria @ Vipers Bar.Thienfeld
09.21   Ljubljana, Slovenia @ Gallery Kapelica
09.23   Vienna, Austria @ Rhiz Bar
09.27   Munich, Germany @ Domagk Kaserne.Stupor Arts
09.29   Zurich, Switzerland @ Bogen13
10.02   Utrecht, Netherlands @ Theater Kikker
10.04   Amsterdam, Netherlands @ OT301
10.08   Cologne, Germany @ Kultur Bunker
10.09   Duisburg, Germany @ Fabrik, Deafborn Records support
10.11    London, UK @ Red Rose
10.12    Leeds, UK @ Royal Park Cellars

Performances as Death Squad

2000  Sentinels of the Apocalypse Tour with Quell
03.31   Schekenberg, Germany @ YOGI'S
04.01   Duisburg, Germany @ Die Fabrik with Baer & Co.
04.04   Praha, Czechia @ Papírna Squat with Seismic Wave Factory
04.06   Trnava, Slovakia @ Club Archa with Samhain, Vanth
04.07   Wroclaw, Poland @ Swiebodzki Railway Station the Wagon Club with Job Karma. Vilgoć
04.08   Dresden, Germany @ Die Fabriek with Zygote, Deep
04.14   London, UK @ Hinoeuma Club with DPI-Grey Wolves , Con-Dom, Wertham, Genocide Organ, Suspicion Breeds Confidence
04.15   Leeds, UK @ Silver Street Studios with Genocide Organ, DPI - Grey Wolves , Con-Dom , Wertham, Quell
04.19   New York, NY USA @ The Pyramid with Hydra, Navicon Torture Technologies
04.29   Cleveland, OH USA @ Speak In Tongues with Quell, In Death's Throes, Baal, Lockweld, Xterminal
05.07   Minneapolis, MN USA @ Gus Lucky's with Mike Przytarski, Jason Swain, Unconditional Loathing, Benji Gross , MIG, Jesse Petersen, Late
05.13   Denver, CO USA @ Creative Car Audio with Black September, Terrorstate, J.Frede
05.19   Portland, OR USA @ The New Paris Theatre with GADGETTO
06.22   Los Altos, CA USA @ Foothill College KFJC 89.7 - Radio Free Hatred guest dj
07.11   Berkeley, CA USA @ KPFA 94.1 The No Other Radio Network: interview and music
07.13   Los Altos, CA USA @ Foothill College KFJC 89.7 - Radio Free Hatred Live Performance
07.15   San Francisco, CA USA @ 7hz Last death squad aktion.Closing Statements with Aesthetic Meat Front, Quell, Clairaudience

06.25   San Francisco, CA USA @ The Lab with Test and Death Squad (Intent)
07.24   San Francisco, CA USA @ 7hz with Red Aviator, Radiosonde and Death Squad (Enacted Hostage Sequence)
07.29 - 08.08   Chicago, IL USA   - Almost Dead In Chicago (Performance For An Ongoing Audience)

04.23   Denver, CO USA @ A B-Earthday Celebration with Chapter23, Airick Heater, Terror State

1998 Self Annihilation Tour with Radiosonde and Chapter23
09.06   San Francisco, CA USA @ Fuck TV Channel 53 with Chapter23, Radiosonde
09.08   Berkeley, CA USA @ KPFA 94.1 FM The No Other Radio Network w / host Mr. Hate with Chapter23, Radiosonde
09.10   Los Altos Hills, CA USA @ Foothill College KFJC 89.7 FM : Radio Free Hatred w / host Mr. Hate with Chapter23, Radiosonde
09.12   San Francisco, CA USA @ 7hz with Chapter23 , Radiosonde
09.18   Cleveland, OH USA @ Speak In Tongues with Lockweld , Quell
09.26   Lahti, Finland @ Fillari Cafe with Strom.Ec , Pain Nail , Grunt , Chapter 23 , Radiosonde
10.03   Oslo, Norway @ Klub Kanin Chapter 23 , Radiosonde
10.04   Oslo, Norway @ Cafe Muir - 6 Hours Of Ambient Excurrsions with Chapter23 , Radiosonde
10.07   Rostock, Germnay @ The Motorschiff Stubnitz with Chapter23 , Radiosonde
10.11   Prague, Czechia @ 007 Strahov Club (Ars Morta Universum) with Radiosonde
10.16   Vienna, Austria @ Cselley Muhle with Radiosonde
10.18   Vienna, Austria @ Orange 94.0 FM HTR
10.23   Duisburg, Germany @ Fabrik Nocturnal with Emissions, B9, Radiosonde
10.24   Enschede, Netherlands @ De Fabriek with Peter Rehberg & Matthias Gmachl, Radiosonde
10.25   Nijmagen, Netherlands @ Extrapool with Radiosonde
10.28   Rennes, France @ Le Jardin Moderne with Radiosonde
10.30   London, UK @ Brixton House with Costes, Radiosonde, Putrifier
11.03   Newcastle, UK with Costes , Radiosonde
11.06   Leeds, UK @ The Termite Club with Costes, Acid Fuck, Radiosonde
11.07   Middlesbrough, UK @ The Tap & Barrell with Costes , Radiosonde

11.15   New York, NY USA @ The Bank (Atrocity / NoizGuild) with Exercise In Disgust, HYDRA
11.20   Toronto, ON Canada @ The Ontario School Of Art & Design Quell & death squad lecture and video presentation
11.20   Toronto, ON Canada @ Cameron House with Knurl, Quell
11.21   Cleveland, OH USA @ Speak In Tongues with Lockweld, Season Of Discontent, Neumena, Quell
11.25   Chicago, IL USA @ The Lab with Hit By Flying Glass, Gun Shop, Quell
11.27   Chicago, IL USA @ The Crypt with Static Films, Seafoam, GunShop, Aphid
12.04   Denver, CO USA @ The Denver Atonal Festival .002: Ambient with Night Erinys, S.L.I.P. , Chapter23
12.05   Denver, CO USA @ The Denver Atonal Festival .002: Noise Night with Death Pile, Page 27, J.Ivers.F, Chapter23
12.10   Los Altos Hills, CA USA @ Foothill College KFJC 89.7 FM Radio Free Hatred w / host Mr. Hate Live Performance
12.15   Willmington, CA USA @ PCH Club with En Nihil, Instagon, Home Audience
12.18   Long Beach, CA USA @ Das Bunker with R.H.Y YAU

1997 (incomplete)
03.13   Los Altos, CA USA @ KFJC 89.7 Radio Free Hatred hosted by Mr. Hate  death squad / INP         
03.14   Sacramento, CA USA @ EMRL                
03.15   San Francisco, CA USA @ 7hz with Seethe, Stimbox                
03.16   Cupertino, CA USA @ KKUP 91.5 - Live Performance
03.17   Costa Mesa, CA USA @ Club Mesa with Mercury 9, FH Hill Co., Instagon
03.19   Huntington Beach, CA USA @ Java Garden with Instagon
03.20   Los Angeles, CA USA @ Lumpy Gravy with Seethe, Home Audience
03.21   Los Angeles, CA USA @ The Impala with Bleat + TBA
03.22   Oakland, CA USA @ The Pod with Merhaba and Seethe       
03.25   San Luis Obispo, CA USA @ KCPR 94.1 Dark Market Broadcast - Live Performance      
03.28   San Francisco, CA USA @ Laundromat with Crawl Unit       
03.29   Berkeley, CA USA @ The Hell Hole with J.Gunn Monkey Pump, SoloScottGuitar
04.04   Las Vegas, NV USA @ KUNV 91.5 Live Performance          
04.05   Las Vegas, NV USA @ The Lab with Paraquat, Sackcloth
04.13   Houston, TX USA @ Sound Exchange with Taint plus others
04.14   Houston, TX USA @ KTRU 91.7 FM - Live Performance
04.27   Hampshire, NH USA @ Hampshire College WUNH  91.3     
04.27   Hampshire, NH USA @ Hampshire College with Semi-Sequenced, Race of Devils                
05.10   Lowell, MA USA @ RRRecords 
05.11   Buffalo, NY USA @ Sanctuary with Ostomy                 
05.12   Toronto, ON Canada @ Nora Vaugn Studio with Orphx, O-Huge-Vault-Of-Vaseline      
05.14   Ottowa, ON Canada @ CHUO 89.1 Radio Shakuhachi - Interview and Live Performance
05.15   Ottowa, ON Canada @ Gallery 101
05.16   Hamilton, ON Canada @ Joe Buttinskys with Scissors, PFD               
05.24   New York, NY USA @ ABC No Rio with Hydra, An Oxygen Auction, Half Empty       
06.04   New York, NY USA @ The Pyramid with Hydra, Functional Lunacy, Detox Darlings, Mantra       
06.06   New York, NY USA @ WKCR 89.9 FM - Live Performance 
06.08   Brooklyn, NY USA @ Earwax Record Store with Hydra                  
06.13   Pittsburgh, PA USA @ The Turmoil Room with Quell, Order & Control, FBHF            
06.14   Cleveland, OH USA @ Speak In Tongues with Quell, Xterminal, Lockweld
06.15   Chicago, IL USA @ WLUW 88.7 with host Phillip Von Zweck - Live Performance         
06.17   Chicago, IL USA @ Salon Zwerge with Hit By Flying Glass, Bloodyminded      
06.21   Chicago, IL USA @ Salon Zwerge with Cock ESP, Bloodyminded
06.23   Windsor, ON Canada @ Misanthropy 511 Radio CJAM 91.5 - Live Performance
06.24   Detroit, MI USA @ Zoot's Coffeehouse with Hearing Trumpet           
06.27   Milwaukee, WI USA @ Basement
06.28   Milwaukee, WI USA @ The Earl House with Argotshell, Pargo, LFD300 vs QSUB46, Radio Gate       
06.29   Milwaukee, WI USA @ Vinyl Locust
07.01   Minneapolis, MN USA @ The Terminal Bar  with Cock ESP                 
07.04   Appleton, WI USA @ Basement with Cock ESP               
07.06   Fargo, ND USA @ KDSU FM 92  Trout Mask Radio - Live Performance      
07.07   Fargo, ND USA @ 1st Ave Cafe and Lounge with Unconditional Loathing      
07.13   Chicago, IL USA @ WLUW 88.7 with host Phillip Von Zweck - Live Performance
07.15   Tuscaloosa, AL USA @ WVUA 90.7 - Live Performance
07.17   Savannah, GA USA @ The Bay Street Bar with Spo-it-s
07.18   New Orleans, LA USA @ The Angel with Rotten Piece
07.19   New Orleans, LA USA @ Underground Sounds Record Store with Rotten Piece
07.20   Houston, TX USA @ Francisco's Studios with Rotten Piece
07.21   Houston, TX USA @ Rice University KTRU 91.7 The Genetic Memory Show - Live Performance    
07.23   Phoenix, AZ USA with Terrorstate, Chapter23
07.24   Albequerque, NM USA with  Terrorstate, Chapter23, Event Horizon & Internal Iliac
07.25   Denver, CO USA @ Muddy's with  Terraform, Virus and Chapter23
07.26   Denver, CO USA @ The Snaakepit with  Deathpile, LLXTA and Chapter23
07.28   Salt Lake City, UT USA @ KRCL with Chapter23 - Live Performances                
07.29   Salt Lake City, UT USA @ The Morrocan Cafe with Chapter23  
08.15   Portland, OR USA @ The New Paris Theater with Rend, Potters Field and Bdong         

05.08   San Francisco, CA USA @ City College Of San Francisco

09.15   Los Altos, CA USA @ KFJC 89.7 Radio Free Hatred hosted by Mr. Hate - Live Performance
11.01   San Francisco, CA USA @ Place Pigalle with Stimbox and Killer Bug
11.03   Sacramento, CA USA @ The Guild Theater - Nor Cal Music Festival
11.24   Tokyo, Japan @ Theatre Pooh with Stimbox, Xome, Killer Bug, Tsunoda Tsuguto and Mike Hartman

03.15   Oakland, CA USA @ Warehouse - as Off World Kick Death Squad