Death Squad - INTENT

I had some requests for this video tape to find its way to a DVD.
My initial response was, as soon as the tapes are all gone I will think about it.
But with some energetic kindness from an enthusiast, I was given a transfer of it on DVD.
I still had to transfer it on my own though to get it into a usable format.
The DVD version has been out of print for a while.

Images are here of all the items that came with the Intent VHS Box.
It contained 2 video pieces: Intent at The Lab in San Francisco on June 25th 1999 and
Closing Statements video projection from July 26th 2000.
The only item that is missing here is one of the many posts from the Einst├╝rzende Neubauten List on Yahoo Groups
that I had printed out. I was going to provide all those responses and posts, but after careful deliberation i decided not to.
Here is a link to the list if the desire arises. That is the starting point, the rest is up to you.

I had read through all of them and it was after that when my decision was made.
Too much of the past to digest and revisit now. I did include the first post from back in '99.
Which seems to set the stage, so then I will not have to explain everything.

The material on the DVD is from one of the tapes which as of this writing is about 13-14 years old.
It would also be considered a second generation copy as I am not sure where the original masters are located.
The DVD version does include a postcard from each show, these are originals and would accomplish little
sitting at home on a shelf. So at least they can be utilised for something.

Thanks for your interest and time, michael nine

Insert card and photo.

First posting on an internet forum, the morning after the show.

Promotional postcards for the event.

Handout for the Intent performance.

Flyers and cards for Closing Statements.

Handout for last Death Squad show - Closing Statements.