2014 Tour

2014 MK9: us uk europe 

Tour Completed
9 Countries, 15 shows,
10 Cars, 11 Buses, 12 Trains,
10 Planes, 12 Trams and 11 Taxis

So many thanks to every individual involved in helping with the tour and shows.
Too many to thank individually here, but i try my best to connect with everyone personally.
To all of you Thanks, your support and efforts are so important and always touch

me so very much. It is people like you that allow me to continue to perform.
Without your help none of this would be possible and for that i am eternally grateful.

with absolute respect,
michael nine



Tour pics, of course always of others ;)




Promoting Postcards

Brooklyn, NY - Original Photo by r.h yau 

Allston, MA  Providence, RI

Glasgow, Scotland Shards of Ordnance Festival, Birmingham, UK



18  Allston, MA – O’Briens Pub with OMEI, Whorid, Bereft, Bitchneck

19  Brooklyn, NY – The Silent Barn  with OMEI, Whorid, THEOLOGIAN, EID, DJ sets Ben Abstract + Derek Rush

21  Providence, RI – Dusk with Kintaan, The Vomit Arsonist, Power Monster

25  Glasgow, Scotland – The Old Hairdressers with CON-DOM, BRUT, Kevlar, The Oppressors

26  Birmingham, UK – The Wagon and Horses SHARDS OF ORDINANCE: The Fallout (2 Day Festival)

Friday: MK9, Dave Phillips, BRUT, Helm, Astral Social Club, Khost, Interlard

Saturday 27th : Control, Smell & Quim, Con-Dom, Stab Electronics, JK Flesh, Transitional, Shift, Family Patrol Group,
Cities Prepare for Attack!, Ouroboros Quartet, Am Not, Mort the Sonic, Colossloth
DJ: Iron Fist of the Sun, Dry Greed



2  Oulu, Finland – Kulttuuribingo with Aeoga, The Kolmas

3  Lahti, Finland – Rooster Pub with BIZARRE UPROAR, SICK SEED

Lahti, FinlandVilnius, LithuaniaOulu, Finland

4  Vilnius, Lithuania – Club Kablys with KE/HIL, Vanity Productions, Hassokk, Velemara + special Death Squad performance

Opole, Poland  – Eliksir Salon with Yul , PURGIST ,VILGOĆ

Prague, Czechia Prague, Czechia Opole, Poland  - with Yul , PURGIST ,VILGOĆDresden, Germany

10 Czechia – Praha, Usedlost Cibulka with Sweeps04 & Day16, Black Highway, MiM, Monokinetic, Yarrděs, Heavyn, Black Pope

11 Czechia – Liběchov Crypt – free event – with Black Highway/Mitakuyeoyeasin, Seismic Wave Factory, Terezor, Tønŏ

12 Dresden, Germany – Club Debil with Heimstatt Yipotash  


Belgrade, Serbia  Belgrade, Serbia


14 Belgrade, Serbia – Inex Film with CON-DOM, BRUT, Death Squad, Dead Body Collection, Fecal Vomit

15 Belgrade, Serbia – KC grad with CON-DOM, BRUT, Order Of The Violence, Nundata, Fecal Vomit

18  Hamburg, Germany – FSK Radio with Moloch **Show Canceled**

22  Lille, France – El Diablo with Sudden Infant (special thanks to Pole Ka for the amazing artwork)