Death Squad - Cutting Myself Open To See & Feel Blood (Reissue)
NO 15 Neural Operations 2016    
Edition of 100 (50 Black CDr and 50 white cassettes)

The original version was released 1996 in a hepatitis test kit box in an edition of 20. This was given out for free at a performance for a mixed media class at City College of San Francisco. It included three 20 minute tapes, a booklet and a razor blade. The reissue includes all of the same material.

A stapled booklet containg 6 double sided pages and a photo quality cover. The three original tapes have been converted to a CDr or single cassette.

The reproduction is in color, as the original release was black and white. Each one has a handmade blood artwork piece. There are 3 photos that are the same exact ones that came in the original version.

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MK9 - Resist , mini cdr (second edition)
NO 5 Neural Operations 2015 / 2005    Edition of 138   $6.00

This is a second edition of 193. Extra covers from the original release had been stored since 2005. Initially I was unsatisfied with the darkness of the blacks and front image centering. But part of me hates waste, so these were finally used and assembled into this version. Because the initial recordable discs had a larger capacity and currently unavailable, some silence and space between tracks had to be trimmed. Also a small amount of audio was removed from one track so it would all fit within the capacity of the discs.


Rusalka / MK9 - Schematic Conversation
NO 14 Neural Operations 2015    Edition of 100

20 minute professionally duplicated red foil chrome cassette.
Wrapped in a 1970's data sheet for electronic equipment repair.
Secured with a silver wire. Created for the 2015 Pacific Northwest Tour.
Copies available from Rusalka or



MK9 - Anhedonic Ideations (Version 2 - Enhanced CDR)
NO 12.2 Neural Operations 2015    Edition of 118     $5.00

The Anhedonic Ideations original releases are all gone, so i decided to make a second edition of them. This single Enhanced CDR includes all of the original audio and 120  paragraph readings from the booklet. The original ones contained a business card size disc with a single reading. In order to include all spoken audio, i had to split the stereo channels and have a separate track running on each side for the readings. The enhanced part of the CDR includes a scan of the entire original booklet in pdf format as well as all of the handouts from the shows during the 2014 tour.

Anhedonia 2014 MK9 Handout Folder    Edition of 75    

Reproduced handouts from:
Boston, Brooklyn, Providence, Glasgow, Birmingham, Oulu, Lahti, Vilnius, Opole, Praha, Dresden, Belgrade, Lille

Enclosed in a black folder with embossed cover.

Also Included are two death squad special perfomance handouts for the Vilnius and Belgrade shows

Online Version of the flyers are here <---


MK9 / Michael Nine - Discography and Video 2001 - 2006
NO 9   Neural Operations 2012    Edition of 500     $5.00

Sample audio tracks 30 seconds each.

Disc One:
Michael Nine – Self Medicated 2002
Michael Nine – 7HZ Compilation Tracks 2002
Michael Nine – WHY 2002
Michael Nine – Apathy / Empathy 7″ 2003
MK9 – Resist 2005
MK9 – Cataclastic Fracture Vol. 2 VA Track 2005
MK9 – Kill – Unknown Date

Disc Two Enhanced:
MK9 – 2006 Performance source audio
Michael Nine: WHY Video 2002
Michael Nine: Communicated Video 2005
Michael Nine: Waiting Room Video 2006

Included are all of the main audio releseases from this time period.
Enhanced Disc includes a web page interface.
Included are three videos as well as an image gallery.
The single audio track can be played on a CD player or a computer.


Michael Nine - Humanity Apathy / Junkies Empathy (seven inch)
NO 4   Neural Operations   2003   Limited Edition 500     $3.00

Audio casualties of social negation.
Rendering a plausible solution useless.
Assaultive and abusive voice messages left to live on their own.
White vinyl seven inch with insert of temporary perception.
Co released with Maruta Records Germany.


MK9 - nothingness exist (cdr)
NO 10  Neural Operations 2012   Edition of 320

Sample tracks are 30 seconds each

Complete Track Listing:
of human neglect (7:12)
along the perimeter (5:42)
failing inhibitor function (6:04)
cortexed and awake (5:32)
alpha 137 loop (2:46)
synaptic plague virus (3:48)
only option removal (9:18)
*negating consciousness-re edit (4:39)
*percerption (3:25) *pause (4:35) 

Variations in sound. Producing an attempt through minimalistic frequency fields.
Harsh controlled feedback to spoken automation. Calibrated systems equated to overloading spectrums. Something to hear and feel, or not.

Professionally printed wallet. 100 silver / silver. 20 silver / black.
Current one available 200 black / black. Two inserts included.
*After the 2012 tour two tracks were added and one re edited.



MK9 - anhedonic ideations (triple cdr)
NO 12   Neural Operations 2014   Edition of 120

3 mini cdrs, 72 page booklet, button, postcard,
Hand typed text, enclosed in a sealed black foil bag.
- black disc: five untitled tracks

- silver disc: audio recorded once per day over a six month period.
  each  track represents one week

-square disc: a reading of a paragraph from the booklet,
  each disc is unique.





Placebo - Evidence Series Object 6
Single sided 60 minute Cassette in white vinyl box.
Folded insert and original handmade Rorschach print on Freud text.
Numbered Edition of 100   (spoken word) 


MK9 - Interim: unused sounds from the 2010 tour (cassette)
NO 6   Neural Operations 2011   Numbered Edition of 50    

Sample tracks are 20 seconds each.
Interim Side A (5:00)
Interim Side B (5:00)

C-10 red cassette with original one of a kind cover art and writings.
Every cassette cover is different and the handwritten writings as well.
When an item was ordered, the writings were completed.
Attempting to think about the person the tape was being sent to.
Using these thoughts as the source for what was going to be written. Random and semi specific articulations.


Death Squad - Out Patient (Re Issue cdr)
NO 8 Neural Operations 2011 / SK3 Spastik Kommunikations 2000  
Edition of 100

Samples of 3 tracks

Complete Track Listing:
Neural Fuck (1:59)
Unit 1837.1 (2:13)
Imbalance (4:52)
Confession (3:17)
Asylum (3:59)
Unit 1837.2 (5:01)
Interrogation (5:26)
Deprogrammed (3:58)

An audio study in social and psychological difficulties.
Includes identical insert as original in white cardboard sleeve
with photo image attached to the front and back.


Death Squad - Isolation as Intent (Re Issue cdr)
NO 7   Neural Operations 2011 / SK2 Spastik Kommunikations 2000  
Edition of 100   

5 Sample tracks 30 seconds each

Complete Track Listing:
Existence (1:53)
March Of The Dead (5:34)
Fuck God Live (9:30)
Execution (3:56)
Solitude (7:32)
Partition (2:01)
God Covets Man (3:22)
Subliminal Trenching (2:39)
Terminal Suicide (:25)
Relapse (1:33)

Reasons and perspectives from absolute social withdrawal.
2011 Reissue with a variation of cover artwork from original.
Includes one insert in white cardboard sleeve
with photo image attached to the front and back.


Death Squad - Theological Genocide
SK1 Spastik Kommunikations 1997

Sample tracks are 30 seconds each


ascending divinity: death compound (4:41)
retribution is clear (5:56)
mechanized faith (movement one) (2:14)
onward / tonal frequenciality (2:52)
predator at an airline crash site (6:37)
hollowed out confessional (7:41)
vibra-fuckwhore conceiving christ (6:38)
parasitical cerebral decay (4:12)
shattering self - Cored out soul (7:47)
messiah 2057 (4:03)
mechanized faith (movement two) (1:45)
anthem / ideologicalisms & ists (6:19)


Death Squad - Intent DVD
NO 13 Neural Operations 2015    Edition of 118  

Two Death Squad Performances
- Intent @ The Lab, San Francisco, Califronia 6.25.99
- Performance For Chair & Black Floor @
  7Hz San Francisco, Califronia 7.15.00

This is a transfer from the original boxset VHS version.
First released in 2002 on the Spastik Kommunkations label.
Includes an original postcard from each show.
The complete contents of the boxset and more info can be found here.


Death Squad - Intent Video Box
SK9 Spastik Kommunikations 2002 Limited Edition of 100

1. Death Squad - Intent @ The Lab SF
2. Death Squad - Performance For Chair & Black Floor @ 7Hz

Death Squad - intent + last show.
aka the gun show at The Lab San Francisco 6.25.99
plus the final death squad performance at 7hz San Francisco 7.15.00,
packed in an over sized video box with original flyers and handouts from both shows,
with copies of the original emails that started a large internet debate.
PAL edition limited to 25 copies. NTSC 75.


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